Finished! And just getting started.

This movie is now officially completed and in the festival submission stage!

I suppose I should introduce myself first.

My name is Martin Kaszubowski, my friends call me Marty, you can call me whatever you'd like though. Not Ishmael. Fun jokes. Anyway, “Christopher Darling” is my first feature film that I co-wrote/co-directed/co-produced with my artistic partner Scott Cary. And, as mentioned above, we just completed post production on the film exactly one year to the day of completing our first stretch of main production on the film.

As I completed the visual and sound edit of the film over the last few weeks, it hit me. The weeks of Scott and I driving around in my car, pitching the idea of the film back and forth. The long nights with Kevin Leach, our DP, plotting out the style and look of the film. The production of the film itself with its many challenges, disappointments, pitfalls, and successes. Its...been an emotional few weeks of editing over here.


BUT, a rejoice-full few weeks also. The amount of support this film has received from people in the Milwaukee film community (and just community itself) has been incredible. AND the cast and crew of this film is incredible. I can't believe I've gone three paragraphs without mentioning the dynamo that is John Glowacki! A man who took a character that could have been distant and unrealistic and made him relatable. Along with the efforts of Carol Brandt, Becky Cofta, Moira Tracey, Meredith Johnston, Avery King, Zach McLain, John Griffin, Kelly Danen, and the rest of the cast and crew, we were able to bring to life this movie.

Stay tuned for more of my rambling thoughts and more movie related news AND...the poster...?