Now available on com!

Hello blog! 

Christopher Darling is now available on! Free with a prime membership, 1 dollar to rent OR buy! (at those prices I may suggest buying it...) 

You can click on the link below for DIRECT access! 

Christopher Darling

I believe I'm supposed to have a grand statement or gesture to add to that sentence, but, I really don't have it! This movie was finished two years ago, and its good to see it available for everyone to see.

Scott and I (co-director Marty here) put our lives into this movie for over a year, and it was always meant to be a pretty personal project for us both. Kind of a kickoff to our artistic careers, so to speak. I think I speak for both of us when I say this, but, this is certainly just the beginning. 

Check out media pages? to keep up with us! You can keep up with Scott's band Brat Sounds on Facebook and with my co-production company (with one of the producers of this fine film) Shaky Balloon Productions, also on Facebook. 

PS: There's rumor that a director's commentary track is being recorded this week...if you're reading this...check Youtube...